This is a wiki where everyone can edit in contrast to other Bitcoin wikis where you have to pay Bitcoin in order to contribute and/or edit. (Inaccurate) Watch this introductory video: What is Bitcoin? -- Published on Apr 24, 2014

Apr 14, 2010 Bitcoin Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency created in 2008 by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto.This account resumes the whole history of Bitcoin since 2008 to 2017 and 2018. On 18 August 2008, the domain name was registered. Bitcoin - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bitcoin is a digital and global money system currency. It allows people to send or receive money across the internet, even to someone they don't know or don't trust. Money can be exchanged without being linked to a real identity. The mathematical field of cryptography is the basis for Bitcoin's security. Bitcoin Wiki Bitcoin is a peer to peer electronic cash system created by Dr. Craig Wright under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. It was first detailed in the Bitcoin Whitepaper in October 2008, and the source code was released in January 2009.

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Bitcoin - Wikipedija, prosta enciklopedija Bitcoin (simbol: ; oznaka: BTC ali XBT) je kriptovaluta, pri kateri nastajanje in prenos bitcoinov temelji na odprtokodnem protokolu, ki ni odvisen od centralne banke ali drugega regulatornega organa, tako da ne obstaja samostojen organ, ki nadzoruje kriptovaluto, vendar jo nadzoruje skupnost. Blockchain - Wiki

Bitcoin on P2P võrgustik, kus võrgusõlmed peavad koos andmebaasi.Andmebaasi abil peetakse arvet bitcoin'ide kuuluvuse üle aadressidele.. Iga andmebaasi kirje omistab mingi koguse bitcoin'e kindlale aadressile, kusjuures aadressiks on krüptograafilise võtmepaari avaliku poole kontrollsumma (hash-väärtus).Võtmepaari privaatset poolt teab vaid selle omanik, ning privaatvõti on vajalik

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